PORTO SS19 Pre Order

SS19 Lookbook 

SS19 Linesheet



PORTO SF SS19 Pre orders are here!  Porto spring/summer styles are always the best and in demand, so nows the BEST time to get exactly what you want.  Here are some guidelines for placing your order. Please feel free to share with other PORTO lovers in your life!

1. If you ARE NOT registered on our site, please do so before placing your request. We will ask you to do this, so just get it done HERE

2. Look through the catalog,linesheet,and colors (links above). Our favorite styles of the season are marked with an XPlace your request using the PLACE AN ORDER  link below. Most photos are availble on the LOOKBOOK, but we can try and get an additiona; picture if you need one. Don't forget to use our current listings as a reference as well.  Please reach out if you have questions regarding this. 

4. We will send you a click and pay invoice for your order. The first Order date is November 22,2018. Deliveries will be Dec 30-Jan 5,2019

5. There are SO MANY fantastic styles that porto is offering, but please remember, these orders are custom made for you and will only be returnable for a store credit at our discretion. If you have questions about ANYTHING please email us.